I.          General provisions.

1.         The non-profit organisation Estonian Search Dogs Club (hereafter Club) is an independent organisation that is based on voluntary joining of its members, is not pursuing profit, and is acting in public interests. In its activities Club is guided by the present statutes, the Non-Profit Associations Act of the Republic of Estonia, other legal acts, legislation of general application of the Estonian Kennel Union, and other legal regulations concerning dogs.

2.         The English term for Club is Estonian Search Dogs Club.

3.         The location of Club is Saue parish, Harju county.

4.         The mission of the club is to unite physical or legal persons whose activities or interest are related to the training of search dogs.

5.         To carry out the mission, Club has set the following tasks:

•          acting in public interests

•          participation in search operations with search dogs

•          training search dogs

•          organising competitions, exams, tests, etc.

•          advocating search dogs

•          cooperating with national and different private structures and private persons who have similar tasks.

II.        Conditions and procedure of acceptance, withdrawal and exclusion of members of Club.

2.1.      Any person who wishes to promote activities in accordance with the Club mission, can apply for membership of Club.

2.2.      The acceptance to Club is decided by management board of Club.

2.3.      To withdraw from Club a written application has to be submitted.

2.4.      A member may be excluded from Club with the management board decision if:

a)         the member has not paid Club the membership fee by the end of the financial year,

b)         the member has not participated in any general meeting of Club or in any event organised by Club during three last years.

2.5.      The exclusion of a member is decided by the management board of Club at its meeting, informing the respective member about the discussion of the matter in written form at least two weeks prior to the meeting, and the member is entitled to participate in the board meeting with the right to speak about discussing the exclusion. The decision is made if 2/3 of the management board members vote for it.

2.6.      The member who has been excluded by the management board has the right to insist on deciding the question of exclusion at the next general meeting of Club.

III.       Rights and obligations of the members.

3.1.      Members of Club have the right

a)         to participate in the general meeting of Club with the right to vote;

b)         to be elected as a member of the Club managing body;

c)         to be informed by the management board of Club and other bodies about the activities of Club.

3.2.      Members of Club have the obligation

a)         to follow the statutes of Club and the decisions of the Club managing body;

b)         to pay the membership fee;

c)         to give their applicable data to the management board of Club in order to maintain a register of Club members;

d)         to pay the membership fee for the current year even if the membership ends during the year.

3.3.      Additional  obligations on the membership fee and the entrance fee can be imposed only with the decision of the general meeting.

IV.       The general meeting.

4.1.      The supreme organ of Club is the general meeting where each member of Club has one vote.

4.2.      Within the competence of the general meeting of Club are the following:

a)         amendment of  the statutes

b)         altering the mission

c)         appointing the members of the management board

d)         making a decision about concluding a transaction with a member of the managing board or some other organ, or about filing a claim against them, and appointing a representative of Club in the transaction or claim.

e)         making a decision about the transfer of the Club’s immovable and movable entering on the register, about the charge on real right, and about designating terms and conditions for the transactions above.

f)          Making decisions about other matters which have not been placed within the competence of other organs by the law or the statute.

4.3.      The general meeting of Club is is called by the management board at least once a year:

a)         to approve the annual statement;

b)         in cases authorised by law and in other cases when required in the interests of Club.

4.4.      To call the general meeting, the management board of Club issues an announcement at least seven days prior to the general meeting, indicating the time, place and agenda of the general meeting, or sends a written message to each member of Club with the same information.

4.5.      The general meeting has a quorum if more than half of the Club members are present or are represented by another member.

4.6.      The decision of the general meeting is taken if more than half of the Club members present or their representatives are in favour of the decision.

V.        The management board.

5.1.      The activities of Club are lead, and Club is represented by the management board, which consists of 1-4 members.

5.2.      The members of the management board are appointed by the general meeting for a 5-year term.

5.3.      To carry out Club transactions the amount of which exceeds 100,000 euros, the management board has to obtain a preceding consent from the general meeting.

5.4.      To take the decision of the management board, the majority vote is required. In case of equal votes the vote of the chairman of the meeting will be deciding.

5.5.      The management board meetings are held at least once a year.

VI.       Merger, division, liquidation.

6.1.      The merger, division and liquidation of Club are enacted in the cases provided by law.

6.2.      The liquidators of Club are the members of the management board or persons appointed by the general meeting.

6.3.      In case of liquidation of Club, after satisfying the claims of creditors, the property left will be given to a member on the list of non-profit organisations and foundations with an income tax incentive, or to a legal person governed by public law.

Non-Profit Association Estonian Search Dogs Club