Test for national IPO-R judges

On 13th of November 2016 in Raplamaa at Pihali the judge's test for national IPO-R judge candidates was organized by Dog Training and Coordination Section of Estonian Kennel Union (EKL-KKK) in cooperation with Estonian Search Dogs Club. The examination commission composed canine specialists as follows: FCI/IRO rescue dog judge Walter Hoffmann (Germany), Estonian Kennel Union trial judges Urve Lageda and Anu Oks and head organizer Aili Kivinurm by EKL-KKK. Two candidate judges - Monika Rusing and Margot Luukas both performed the test successfully and soon they become first IPO-R rescue dog judges in Estonia dedicated to area search (RH-FL) judging!   

Many thanks to the examination commission, helpers and victims. Big thanks to the participants with test dogs!

 Candidates listening instructions from Walter Hoffmann