FH and A-test results 29.11.2015

FH and A-test (IPO-A) tracking tests

Time: 29 of November 2015 at 10.15

Place: Tuula-Ääsmäe Road, Saue Parish, Harjumaa

Judge: Mari Oblikas

Organizer club: Estonian Search Dogs Club

Head organizer: Marelle Muru


Class Dog Breed Dog Handler Points Grade Result
A-1 Cherny Ritsar Geniy Va'leson ROT Merlin Kanter 80 good A-1
A-1 Amy's White Rose von den Hohenheimer Herdern HOLLS Margot Luukas 77 satisfactory A-1
A-1 Katherina's Land Some Marathon AT Inger Kuus -



FH1 Perri MIX Kadri Viljalo 85 good FH1
FH1 Margman Wildfire Wanda GSD Monika Rusing 32



FH2 Sacraal Hart Leska MAL Teus Tijsseling 84 good FH2

Just a few pictures were taken by Mihkel Rikas, photos can be seen here!