WCH for Rescue Dogs and IRO Meeting of Delegates 2015

On 23-27 of September World Championship for rescue dogs were held in Aalborg, Denmark. Competitions were held in three categories: area search, rubble search and tracking. Altogether 110 competitors entered from 21 different countries. Two competitors from Estonia both started in area search. Under the starting number 64 Monika Rusing with a dog Margman Wildfire Wanda achieved 46 points (one found victim) in area search and 85 points in obedience and dexterity part. Under the starting number 75 Kadri Viljalo with a dog Perri got 128 points (two found victims) in area search and 94 points in obedience and dexterity part. Unfortunately this was not enough to get positive result since all three victims must be found in search part.


On 28th of September the Meeting of Delegates of the IRO took place in Aalborg. Estonian Search Dogs Club has a full member status in IRO and the club was represented by board member Margot Luukas. The Meeting of Delegates got an overview on the activities related to the IRO president Michael Pernsteiner and took the position on the motions of the IRO Executive Board and member organisations.