About club

ESDC - Estonian Search Dogs Club was established in 30th of July 2010 to connect people who are looking a serious challenges and want to train their dogs for search dogs in a best possible ways. Most of our dogs have passed the examinations in a certified level in accordance with international IRO testing standards for rescue dogs. ESDC have grown out of the Volunteer Rescue Team dog handling group and provides necessary support and the structure for search dogs trainings and testings. ESDC is a non-profit organisation, also the member organization of the national FCI cynological union - Estonian Kennel Union. ESDC has right to conduct examinations and competitions for search and rescue dogs in national level. The IPO-R testing standards were validated first time by Estonian Kennel union already in 2008. ESDC is active in organizing various training seminars, training days and other events for its members, as well as other interested parties. We also like to cooperate with other similar purposes established organisations or unions in Estonia and abroad.

ESDC is a member organisation of the International Rescue Dog Organization in order to get all the  information about the directions for the training of search dogs from around the world, to be familiar with the rules and amendments thereto, to organize an international IPO R-level courses and tests and to cooperate and exchange experiences with other member organizations of IRO.